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If you want to sell gold jewellery and get the correct price, you have come to the right place! We make your transactions hassle-free.

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Aishwaryaa Gold is one of the leading gold buyers in Hyderabad. With state-of-the-art testing technology and the most advanced equipment, we make your process of selling gold for cash seamless. We are big on transparency and give our customers 100% safety and guarantee by complying with all statutory bodies. As a result, you can now sell gold for cash in Hyderabad anytime, from a swift payment process to quick evaluation.

From gold to diamonds to silver, we make selling every jewelry hassle-free.

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From quick processing (under 20 mins) to instant approval and gold assessment, we instantly help you sell gold for cash in Hyderabad. Whether gold, silver, or diamonds, we give you the correct pricing as per the current market rate without any hidden charges. Moreover, we assess the gold before you to maintain our levels of transparency and ensure you know the process.

You can sell gold for cash anytime you want without any recurring or hidden charges. So if you are looking for the best gold buyers in Hyderabad, Aishwaryaa Gold is the place for you.

release pleged gold

Release Pledged Gold

Taking a loan against gold is common practice, but repaying the loan or not having enough funds to repay it, can become a problem. Why should you pay mounting interest when you can release pledged gold with the help of Aishwaryaa Gold experts!

As the leading pledged gold buyers in Hyderabad, we help you resolve your problems almost immediately. Our hassle-free procedure gets the job done quickly and effectively. With the help of the latest technology, we test the purity of the gold transparently in front of you.


Doorstep Service

Now sell gold for cash at the doorstep hassle-free! With Aishwaryaa gold buyers in Hyderabad, you can now get an accurate price for your gold without any intermediaries. We directly sell gold in the market to interested investors and manufacturers to save you time and money.

We believe in offering you the best deal without hurting your expectation and increasing costs. So call our customer care executives and avail doorstep gold services instantly!



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