Top 4 Ways to Make Profit From Selling Gold


During an emergency, people frequently need to sell their gold jewelry to obtain cash. It made their life easier as they could get cash any time they wanted. If you will sell your gold for cash in Bangalore and are looking to earn a handsome profit, here are a few points to keep in mind.

1. Keep an eye on Gold Prices

Gold prices continue to fluctuate to maximize profits from selling. So keep an eye on gold prices every day, and sell gold in Bangalore on the day you get a profit and the best price for your old gold.

Check to see if the jeweler is offering the same rate or margin.

2. Sell Plain Gold

It is a great decision to sell plain gold in Bangalore.

Because when you buy gold jewelry with stones, you are paying for both the gold and the rocks simultaneously. When you sell the same stoned jewelry again, the stones or beads are of no value. They are impurities now, resulting in a loss.

Second, when the stones or beads are on, the jeweler gains an advantage in bargaining and reducing the weight of the gold jewelry.

3. Keep Bills Safe

Is there no bill? If you don’t want the buyer to take advantage, you’ll have to haggle hard with the old gold buyers in Bangalore.

When you save your invoice while selling old gold, you get two benefits: Without weighing, you get the entire weight of the jewelry; You might also compare the weight given by the buyer to the one on the bill. So you can’t be easily duped!

Compare the weight on your bill to the weight on your estimate. Then, you’ll know whether it’ll be a loss or gain.

4. Weigh Your Gold Before Selling

When you tell the shop owner you want to exchange your old gold for a new one, he weighs the gold and estimates how much the old gold jewelry is worth. Don’t take the 500 mg dirt weight reduction if you did not use the gold or it has been languishing in a bank locker for a long time. You can save INR 1500 today if you refuse to consider the 500 mg of gold weight as dirt.

The salesperson gives you two estimates, one before and one after cleaning.


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