How to Sell Gold Jewellery for Cash?


Since time immemorial, Indians have used gold as a kind of investment. As a result, selling gold is a fairly frequent activity in the country, which individuals tend to turn into money when they are in desperate need of money. Gold is a well-known investment. Many individuals buy gold and save it for rainy days. In our country, selling gold for cash in an emergency is a pretty widespread practice. In India, we have the choice of buying and selling gold as needed. 

We typically sell gold at a jewellery store, and unscrupulous jewellers defraud customers by deducting exorbitant waste, melting, and other fees. As a result, you will receive just 60-65% of the gold’s worth. Therefore, failure to conduct adequate research before selling gold jewellery can result in big disappointment. 

Check Before Selling Gold For Cash

So, before selling gold for cash in Bangalore and other places, it is critical to keep a few points in mind.

1. Save the Bill

When purchasing gold jewellery, it is best to save the bill or invoice in a safe place. When you sell gold ornaments, genuine buyers/jewellers require you to provide the statement. You can prevent a conflict of interest by giving the bill when selling gold because the purity of the gold is clearly stated on the invoice. In such instances, jewellers are unable to defraud you. 

2. Is your Gold Worthy?

It’s a good idea to get quotes from many jewellers before you sell your gold for cash in Bangalore |Gold Dealers in Bangalore. It can aid in determining the worth of the gold. No jeweller can defraud you if you know the actual value of the gold.

3. Purity of your Gold

It is critical to confirm the purity before selling gold for cash. You must ensure that gold jewellery bears the hallmark indication. For example, if your gold pieces are 916 hallmarked, it means they are an entire of 22-carat gold. The number 916 represents the purity of gold (91.6 grams of pure gold per 100 grams alloy).

4. How is the final price calculated?

The final price is one of the essential variables to consider when selling gold. The jeweller who buys the gold liquefies it first. The pure gold that remains after liquefaction determines the final price of the gold. This procedure is not so costly. But the costs are cut from the total expenses.

As a result, you forfeit any labour costs and taxes paid when purchasing the gold when you sell the gold. In addition, when you sell the gold, you will receive at least a 6% to 7% discount on the buying price.

5. Where to sell gold for cash in Bangalore?

It’s a brilliant idea to sell gold ornaments at the store where you bought them. They’ll give you a fair price. If you can’t sell your gold at the store where you got it, go to a reputable jeweller. He will provide you with a reasonable price. You can search for reputed Gold Buyers in Bangalore |selling gold for cash in Bangalore and sell it without any hassle.  

To Conclude

Start with the basics. Contact many local and prominent jewellers, such as Aishwaryaa Gold, arrange your bills (original copies) and research the gold market. Then decide what you want to sell.

Sell gold for cash in Bangalore |Gold Buyers in Bangalore, jewellery, bars, coins, etc., to a jeweller or an approved gold reseller/recycler, as well as retail websites and cash for gold stores. Before selling gold in India, always do extensive research into gold trends and the value of gold.

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