Things to Consider before Selling Gold


In India, people turn to sell their gold if there is an urgent need for cash. However, in most cases, it appears that the money received by exchanging gold is far less than planned. 

Gold is a safe asset, particularly during uncertain times. Indians acquire gold with the hope that it will aid them in times of financial hardship. Thus, many Indians purchase gold as a safe investment to be used in times of need.

However, only a few people sell gold in Bangalore |selling gold for cash in Bangalore when they are in need, as there are options such as a gold loan that are readily available. Moreover, gold holds sentimental value for many people.

Many gold jewelry stores provide attractive rates if a person purchases a new one in an exchange offer. However, these appeals fade away since trends vary over time, and ladies believe in following the trend.

4 Things To Know Before Selling Gold Jewellery

There are a few things you should keep in mind if you sell gold in Bangalore. 

1. Price

Pricing is one of the essential jobs to consider in determining the ultimate pricing for your gold. Gold Buyers in Bangalore selling gold for cash in Bangalore who purchase used gold from us first liquefy the gold in a kiln, and then the remaining gold, which is pure gold free of scum, is used to decode the actual price. The entire procedure is carried out for a low fee deducted from the gold’s final charge. 

Finally, you will lose the whole labour charge you paid throughout the buying process, including the tax when you sell your gold. An observation, the sale price of gold tends to be six to seven percent lower than the buy fee. 

2. Check for Purity 

Keep your receipts handy before going to the jeweller. Check for purity and waste since the value of the gold will be determined by the design and other factors. Hallmarked jewellery is usually more valuable than jewellery purchased from a local jeweller.

3. Visit a few Stores before Selling

Do not just walk into a shop and sell your gold in Bangalore. Instead, visit a few jewelry stores to get a reasonable price. Keep in mind that jewellery prices fluctuate regularly.

We cannot estimate the resale value without taking into account waste or manufacturing costs.

Furthermore, merchants reduce the price of gold jewellery by a specified percentage, say 1% to 2%, from the calculated value on that specific day.

4. Sell to the Licensed and Reputed 

It is preferable to sell your gold jewellery to reputable gold buyers in Bangalore, as this increases your chances of receiving a reasonable price for your gold.


Request the gold buyers in Bangalore to show you their credentials to ensure that you are connecting with reputable sellers. A legal buyer is the one who has secured a license to buy gold from the licensing agencies.

It would help if you also dealt with buyers who have valid passports, driver’s licenses, or other kinds of government-issued identities.  

Keep these tips in mind to fully get the advantage of your gold.

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