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Frequently Asked Questions

Gold price will depend on the daily market price and purity of your gold. Please walk into our nearest branch and check the purity of the gold. We do not charge anything extra for this service.

Carat- It is a unit of mass equal to 200 mg and is used to weigh gemstones. Karat- It is a unit of purity of gold. 24 karat gold means pure gold means 24 of 24 parts of the alloy is gold making it pure gold. 22 karat gold means 22 of 24 parts of alloy are gold making it 91.6% pure.

Gold is known not only for its intrinsic physical properties but also for its impact on the global economy. India’s gold market is mainly driven by the consumption and fabrication of the yellow metal into gold coins, gold jewellery and other gold articles. The value of gold is measured by its purity which is denoted in karat (k) or carat (Ct). Higher karat signifies higher gold purity. Among Indians, 22K and 24K gold is quite a popular choice.At 99.99% purity, 24 Carat gold is used to make coins and bars. It is also used in the manufacturing of electronics, medical devices, and other gold articles.At 91.6% purity, 22 Carat gold is mostly used for making jewellery.  Most of the gold sold in shops are either 22 Carat or 18 Carat gold.

Our price is never less than market price. We offer to buy Gold at the current Gold buying price. Like for all commodities, there are two prices for Gold which fluctuates on a daily basis. The daily gold selling and buying prices.

Yes. We collect very negligible margins. We rely on large volumes of purchase across a very wide network, to amortize our expenses, to ensure you get the best deal, all the time, every time.

Yes. The stone deduction will be accurate as per the size and dust weight will be deducted as per the quality of gold. We follow a very transparent process which you can verify with others.

Walk into our nearest branch with your relevant documents such as original ID and address proof, Local residence address proof, Purchase invoice and so on. The Aishwaryaa executives and experts will check the documents and will check gold purity through EDSXRF 600 machine (One of the best gold checking machine) in front of you. And will give quotation on your gold as per the purity. Our offer would be on the spot and will be the best.

You require to bring in Original ID/Address proof, One Cheque Leaf, Purchase Invoice of the gold ornaments, Local address proof, Professional ID card. In case it is pledged gold, you need to bring the Pledged gold slip.

Yes. Local Address and ID proofs are mandatory.

We accept all precious metal-based ornaments. Gold, Silver and Platinum are accepted. So are diamonds and gemstones based jewellery.

Yes. We do take over from Bank, NBFC (Non-Banking Finance Company), Pawn Brokers etc

Please approach our nearest branch. You will need to speak to our friendly executives there, and they will help you.You need to carry all  Original ID/Address proofs, One Cheque Leaf,  Purchase Invoice,  Local address proof,  Professional ID cards, Pledged slip (Original).  You will need to sign and fill an application. Aishwaryaa executive will accompany you to release gold from the establishment where your gold is pledged.

Yes . We do RTGS. Up to Rs 10000/- can be paid by cash and the remaining amount will be transferred by RTGS / IMPS

It depends on the quantity, quality and purity of gold. Generally, we take about 20 minutes to approve, and another 10 to 15 minutes to release your payments.

We work 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM ( Monday to Saturday). We do not work on Sundays. However you can reach us on our numbers, and we will help you if you have an emergency.

Yes. You should have completed 21 years of age on the date of selling gold.

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